Disaster Preparedness

On March 24, 2020, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake near Russia’s Kuril islands triggered a tsunami watch for Hawaii. Fortunately, the tsunami watch was cancelled - read more at Tsunami Watch Hawaii 

However, are we prepared for a tsunami or other natural disaster that affects us? For example, Hawaiian Electric Company’s main power plant is located near the ocean at Kahe Point on the island of Oahu. The NOAA Tsunami Zone Evacuation Map shows the potential damage from a tsunami.  Electrical power may be disrupted for months due to damage to the power plant and related infrastructure.

A Solar PV-Battery system with a generator receptacle is an excellent solution to providing power during a natural disaster. This system can power your refrigerator, lights and communication devices.

Save on your electric bill with a SunTrac Thermal Solar Panel

*** Nidon Clean Energy Announcement ***


Nidon Clean Energy is pleased to announce that NIDON is the exclusive distributor 
of the Nostromo IceBrick in the State of Hawaii.

Nidon Clean Energy Partners

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NIDON Clean Energy Philippines, SunTrac USA, Carrier Hawaii, 
Blue Planet Energy, Nostromo Energy

Nidon Clean Energy is the exclusive distributor of SunTrac Solar Systems in the 
State of Hawaii, Philippines and the Caribbean. 

SunTrac USA and Carrier Hawaii

A Carrier 30-Ton Chiller combined with four (4) 8-foot SunTrac Hybrid Solar Panels resulted in energy usage reduction at over 70%.

                  Federal Solar Tax Credits          State of Hawaii Solar Tax Credits  

Blue Planet Energy's Blue Ion Energy Storage System


Nostromo Energy

Nidon Partners with StrongBuilt Solar USA in Arizona & New Mexico

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